As a result of upgrading from Free to Pro version I have them both. May I remove Free version?

marrywhitebat . shared this question 5 years ago

Hi guys!

I have one installation question. I had Locus Free, than I bought Locus Pro. I though it will replace Locus Free during installation (or maybe will do an "upgrade" of it), but it seems it was installed separately. I definitely don`t need both of them. May I remove Free version without corruption of my data: my points, tracks, downloaded maps, especially paid maps?

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PS: It seems Locus Pro sees my data created in Locus Free, so they use same data. I can recreate points and tracks, but I don`t want to reload vector maps.


Hi Marry,

Locus Free and Pro share the data.

For safety reasons just make a copy of your complete Locus directory before you uninstall Locus Free (though this copy shouldn`t be necessary).


backup settings, then remove free app, then install pro, then restore backup (see FAQ)