Auto load images / bad internet connection / crash of locus

Wolfgang shared this problem 3 months ago
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since years I often have the following situation: Locus hangs and asks me to wait, restart or give a feedback.

I always thought it's because of my big database. Yes this may be related too but now I'm sure to have a found an other reason. It seems often to happen when locus tries to load an image and the internet connection is bad.

We have a (big) forest around with a very bad coverage of internet. If you have internet there it's Edge with one dot and you're almost not able to get any bits through the connection. When now locus tries to download some images (auto image download enabled) it freezes. The last time I mentioned this I switched to airplane mode and immediately locus was performant again.

For testing purposes I kept auto load images off for a few weeks now. I never had this freezing situation again.

I would like that locus tries to get an image even on very bad internet connection. But it should not affect the application performance.

Thanks Wolfgang

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Good day Wolfgang,

in geocaching settings > Auto-load images, are currently three options for downloading images. Which one causes you troubles? "Image caching" is basic system how images are downloaded and displayed and use standard Android methods. Should cause no troubles. Image downloading system on the second side is more complicated and here I can imagine that it may cause lags and slow down. May you try "Image caching" option?



Hi Menion,

I did use "image downloading". I'll try now the caching function for some time. It would not be my preferred function. I'd like that such images are hold after a restart. But it would be better than an application hang.



I experience the same problem and I'm sure it is related to bad connectivity. I have the setting on "Image downloading". I'll try the "Image caching" option.