Average/momentary values (speed, compass, height)

Dmitry Lesev shared this question 1 year ago


I've noticed that some parameters in Locus are shown as momentary.

For example (only after walking, i haven't check yet for riding or skiing):

In the "Show view" option, direction of view is very unstable and jumps with each my step

Current speed in the window with GPS info is changed every second in the interval from 4 to 8 km/h (when i walk in one direction, height and constant speed = 6 km/h)

Recorded track's chart (attachment) also shows strange speed and height - i hardly ever can get useful information from them if i need.

Is it possible to add settings (or may be they are exist already) for using average values instead of momentary?

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Hi Dimitry,

show view instability and oscillating of your momentary speed is caused by your mobile GPS. Mobile GPS units are usually not precise enough and depending on many factors. If your device is equipped by HW compass, turn it on (Settings > Sensors) - it helps optimizing your phone direction display (map rotation and show view). And of course average speed can't be used in place of actual speed.


Hi Michal,

Yes, i have compass in my mobile phone, by this reason it was as i've described - "direction of view jumps with each my step". I.e. all shakes and vibration cause changing of direction of view.

About "average speed" - i mean math calculation on base of short time/distance intervals, i believe that similar algorithms are well-known.

Can add that described situation was in conditions near to ideal for receiving GPS.

May be it depends on GPS module, and for other mobile phones track's chart is more realistic?


Maybe your compass needs calibration - http://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php?id=manual:faq:how_to_calibrate_compass.

As for your actual speed during walking the values are fuzzy due to slow motion on most of phones - the device interpolates it also from your GPS deviation that can add some misleading values to the calculation.


Hi Michal

I've compared "show view" in Google Map and Locus Map. In Google it's more inertial during walking.

About current speed - as you mentioned this vale depends on GPS deviation. It seems that Locus Map shows raw data, which are refreshed each second. May be would be better to see more realistic values once a 10 sec (after calculation), than incorrect once a 1 sec.

Also i've checked trackpoints info - speed in each point is not calculated, and as result is incorrect, for example:

Point | Distance,m | Time, m:s | Speed(saved) | Speed(calculated = Distance/Time)

1 | 346 | 16:31 | 3.1 | 4.5

2 | 326 | 16:47 | 3.0 | 5.0

3 | 305 | 17:02 | 2.8 | 6.8

4 | 284 | 17:12 | 4.5


HI Dmitry,

maybe Google uses a different algorithm. Anyway, I asked all over our helpdesk and you're the only one who complains so most probably all is within a standard performance.

All the same with your speed measurement - the values seem not to be out of common standard. NEvertheless, I informed developers about your objections, I myself can't do more. Thanks for understanding.

Have a nice day!