Azimuth and direction to destination point in compass panel

Hilbert Setter shared this question 1 week ago
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Locus Map Free version 3.22.2

When I set a point as navigation target, in the compass I can see the distance to my navigation target and the azimuth, that is the direction I am moving along.

How can I also see the direction to my target point? It is shown in the map panel, but it would be very useful to be able to see it close to the azimuth in the compass panel.

For example, I could be able to see on the compass panel that I am moving along direction (azimuth) 90 degrees but that the bearing to my target point (that is graphically shown by the red triangle) is 103 degrees.

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Hi Hilbert,

we didn't expect that someone would use compass view during navigation - the route line is displayed on map plus there are image directions and voice commands along the route.

If you write about guidance to a point, it's something a bit different. You are guided to it by the red arrow and Locus displays azimuth of your movement. If you go directly forward according to the arrow, it displays azimuth of the target.