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balloni55 shared this problem 11 months ago

Hello menion

i played a little receiving different available navigation sats with BETA and external uBlox M8N receiver.

If i set receiver receive only Galileo and BeiDou i get a sat fix, little problem the displayed flag for BeiDou is US and the symbol is round point, so i think locus detect BeiDou sats as GPS.

Next i set receiver to receive GPS and Galileo and BeiDou all works fine, till first BeiDou sat is received. (after~1minute in nmea)

From this moment count of used sats and skyplot jump with cracy values, althought track recording works furthermore.

Attached you´ll find both nmea for simulation


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Good evening balloni,

thanks for a precise bug report and mainly a nmea messages! (btw. nice GPS unit).

In next version, issue will be fixed. Beidou satellites will be marked with triangle to easier recognition. Thank you!


V 3.25

Thanks menion ;-))

for all interested users a screenshot from received sats:

- Galileo > european flag/rotated square

- BeiDou > chinese flag/triangle

in southern germany with satfix and 2m accuracy



Perfect, 2 m = looks quite good. Soon we will be close to one real meter which seems to be really usable for land surveyors data collecting tasks, nice!