"Bug" in AddOn Cache Solver

c.s.g. shared this problem 2 years ago


I found a littlle "bug" in the AddOn Cache Solver. I.e.

I have a formula for the north coordinate of the final that looks like N 47° 53. a e (d-3). The corresponding variables are defined as a=f(import(a1)/5), a1=5, d=6, e=qsum(import(e1)), e1=123.

If I select the Waypoint Final on the tab Waypoints the line "gefundene Variablen" looks like a, d=6, e. If have expected that that line looks like a=1, d=6, e=6. That is the computed values of a and e are missing on that line.


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Hello c.s.g,

thank you for your report, but I'm worried that developer of this add-on is not participating on this forum. So I really suggest to forward link to this post directly to his support email. Thanks