Cache visit log for geocahing.HU

Attila Bierbaum shared this question 2 weeks ago
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We have an addon for displaying caches from Now we made a restapi(post) endpoint for logging the findings.

Is it possible to determine a different post url for GeocachingData.CACHE_SOURCE_GEOCACHING_HU to logging in locus "log visit" function?

thanks a lot

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Good day Attila,

what exactly you wants from Locus Map to do? To directly log a caches on your web server over already existing logging solution? It is very tightly attached to Groundspeak API system, so it may be a problem. Is your add-on able to also log a caches or Locus Map should do it?



thanks for your reply

My addon download caches via perodicupdatereceiver

I would like to send a post request from LocusMAP's log visit function to our server's API endpoint

see attached



I'm thinking how this should work. What you need is some special workflow, like

  • User tap on highlighted "log visit" button
  • Instead of choises online/offline, it directly starts offline logging
  • After confirmation of log, app notify add-on that certain log was created
  • Add-on sends log on web server

Right? This is an almost impossible task without any really tight modifications made especially for your add-on.

We already have public API how to work with field notes, check this helper class:

I'm thinking about possible workflow:

Does it make sense to you? Maybe you with above information may get any other useful idea how to solve it?


for first sight it is a bit difficult to me :DI'll try to understand your guide