Current position wrong after cutting part of track

Ingo Rau shared this problem 1 year ago

I'm editing a track, mark a point, start "Cut part of track", move the current position forward to the end point, then cut the part. Now, no point is selected - would like the current selection to stay, but that's not it. But when I now use the < or > button, the next selected point is further away, later in the track.

I think it's pretty obvious: Let's say I deleted points 90 to 100 of a track, and 100 is the currently selected point. When I now press >, you use the old point number and increment it, so you select point 101 - but that's 111 in the track before deleting, so the selection moves further away, the more points are deleted.

Should be easy to fix, am I right?

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Good day Ingo,

thank you for your observation and precise bug-report. Issues will be fixed in next Locus Map version.

Have a nice Sunday.


Thx, will check then!

And a great week to you, too!