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Thomas shared this idea 2 weeks ago
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I would like to have a full coloured cursor because I can't see the cursor while bikeriding because just outline is not good to see. I could emagine one in a signal green for example, or colours changeable.

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Hi Thomas

take a look at


and view threats > CURSORS

e.g. http://forum.locusmap.eu/index.php?topic=2338.0

if you want other colored cursor, modify unpacked files with e.g. GIMP

important: keep the file names while you save your version.

Finaly pack all your modified files to xyz.zip and copy it to Locus/icons/cursors



Hı Thomas,

Had the same problem.

The current solution is either install a different third party cursor icon pack or manually replace cursors you need. A bit of a hassle, frankly.

I do currently use the navigation cursor as my main moving cursor as described here http://help.locusmap.eu/topic/default-navigation-cursor-arrow-in-place-of-a-default-moving-cursor

But I think it would be really nice to have an option to choose a few styles of each cursor directly in the app. @Michal Stupka @Menion