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jtkorken shared this idea 1 year ago
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In the tracks admin view one can nicely customize the symbols for the respective drawers in a group...which i like. But unfortunatly these symbols are not shown on the map screen. Here one can "only" see the standard Start/Stop symbols at the beginning and end of a track.

Question now is, is there a way to customize the start/stop symbols, ideally different symbols for different drawers of tracks? E.g. for STRAVA I would change the START symbol to the strava logo and the END symbol to a finishing flag.

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this is currently not possible. Configuration of these icons is only possible in settings > maps > points & track > Track icons. Here you may choose from three options that affect all visible tracks on the map.

I've changed your question to idea so other may votes here. I can imagine option that allows to use icon of folder as start icon for tracks.


Thanks, hope to see it not to long from now in Locus.