Doc Wiki not writable, cannot help to improve manual

Guido Ostkamp shared this problem 6 years ago

Hi Menion,

some guys in the german part of the forum suggested that I might help to improve the Wiki with the manual. I created an account called "ostkamp" but it appears I am not able to change or create topics due to some missing access rights. At least I could not find any such buttons.

Do you welcome contributions? If yes, then please assign some rights to my account.

Regards Guido

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every user after registration have rights to edit every post, but not to create new one or upload files. This is just small protection against some spamming. Anyway I`m always glad to personally increase rights also to create pages and upload files, so changed to you. Thanks for every contribution you do!


Hi, I'm logged in, but no edit button. I guess this is an old information? This page has a spell error in title:


Hi Michael,

User guide has been edited solely by Locus team for several years. Thank you for the report, the typo has been fixed.


Thanks :-)

Best, Michael

Am Mi., 2. Mai 2018 um 10:05 Uhr schrieb Locus Map <>: