Filter for Geocaching Favorite Points

Martin shared this idea 1 year ago
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Could you please add a Geocaching Filter to filter caches with Favorite Points?

Like "Show me only caches with more than 30 favorite points".

Thank you!

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Hi Martin,

not exactly what you want,

open your GC-folder/click on middle bottom button/Geocaching/Sort by Favorites

with additional click on "eye button" you can select e.g. "first 50 points" of folder

to search for more than "x" FP´s is not possible yet



" search for more than "x" FP´s is not possible yet ..."

-> This is what i want ;-)

(A filter, not a sort feature)


Is there a way to add this feature? Filtering in Locus is very easy, so I hope there will be a filter for favorite points soon.

For Geocachers it is important to filter out the best ones in an area when you don't have much time, like on vacation.

With the filter you can see where the good ones are.

Sorting is no opportunity - it gives me a list if all Geocaches sorted by favorite points, but these are then far away and not in the area where I am. :-(


+1 agree with you. Also small FAV (crown icon) is not configurable


Attaching screenshot from my favorite GC app CachseSense (unfortunately it is discontinued and works unstable on new android versions).

As we can see in screenshot GC points have Red / Yellow / Green / None highlights (there are 3 databases with such colors). I moved all caches which have FAV 30+ to Red / 15-30 Yellow / 5-15 Green databases.

Is there a chance to have such configurable item highlight on map?