Freeze after changing point type, keyboard and dialog problem

R3gi shared this problem 1 week ago
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I found a bug, which unfortunately occures only occasionally, but IMO it's good to know about it.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open Route planner

2. Add new point

3. Tap that point and select "Change to via point" from the context menu

4. Observe the bug:

The virtual keyboard is displayed and the app freeze, eventually with ANR dialog. User might move the map, use buttons on map, add/remove new points, interact with the keyboard (without visible text, of course) – everything with opened keyboard. When user hides the keyboard, the app freezes.

After some time the "Change to via point" dialog may or may not comes up with option to rename the point. The keyboard may or may not be hidden in that time. Typed text is recorded in the text field.

After tapping Cancel in the dialog, the keyboard is not hidden together with the dialog.

As I said, this issue happens only in some cases, so it can be quite hard to catch it.

However I assume this isn't an expected behaviour, is it possible to fix this problem?


Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, Android 5.1.1, rooted (no critical system changes), Locus Map Pro 3.28.1