Geocaching Tools - 161m distance radius just about finals

Mathias Dittrich shared this idea 2 years ago

Locus offers the option to create a circle around ALL visible points of a database.

I would like if it would be possible that these cirlcles are only shown around tradis and all solved (computed) caches. So just there, where a real physical stage is existing.

At the moment, they are drawn around every cache which is not solved, too.

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Good day Matthias,

I'm worried that this idea will never have too much votes, so I'm not sure it should be ever realized.

Also mainly because for what you need exists a workaround if I think correctly. Filter and display only caches that have computed coordinates and ... done. Just use combination of filter, auto-loading of waypoints and some selection, and I'm sure you should be able to get exactly what you ask here.


Hey Menion

Thanks for this workaround. Will try it :)