How to import google maps locations to Locus

Tomasz Judkowiak shared this question 2 years ago

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to import Google Maps bookmarks into Locus? I found a way to export them from google but it saves them as html file.

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"bootmarks" means?


import a may maps track:

- go to google my maps

- export to kml

- start locus and import kml


Sorry, should've been more precise: when you open Google Maps, while being logged into your google account, you can see all the places you marked on the map, displayed as yellow stars. I have a quite a number of those and I would like to import them into Locus and use for navigation.

"Google My Maps" allow creation of new markers, but I want to use the ones I added in Google Maps and I couldn't find any option allowing to import them into My Maps?

There's an option in to export all bookmarks, but as I said they are exported in html format.


Hello Tomasz,

as gynta wrote. The best (and probably only one) is to export data into KMZ/KML file. After that you can import this file as points into Locus via Locus > Menu > Import.

It' seems that is quite complicated to export the starred locations . Please see link below where is described how to export data into KMZ/KML format:

Anyway I'd like to mention the "My Maps" in Google maps. It enables to create own custom points or tracks in Google Maps and then export it into - see: KML file




I had the same issue and after trying many ways without success, this is the best and quickest one:

  • use google takeout to export a json of JUST your places (deselect everything except Maps (your places)
  • you'll get a zip file with a "Saved places.json" file, you need to convert it to .kml, and you can do it using this website:
  • now you have a .kml file that you can easily import into locus



I have the same problem and till now the only solution that I found is Gabriele's way posted above.

Is there maybe, two years after the thread was started, a quicker and easier way to do that ?

Maybe a third party POI software which grabs Google maps starred locations....

Thanks Wolfgang