Image calibration does not produce map/image

Bo Winqvist shared this question 11 months ago


I justpurchased Locus Maps and I am trying to calibrate my first image/overlay map. I followedyour excellent guide “Image map calibration”.

I am able to follow the guide as described. When I press “create”the second time nothing is created and the message “Process unsuccessful”appears. Position errors listed for the calibration points are around 10m.

I have tied both.jpeg and .bmp images with the same result. Images are stored in on-boardmemory on the Galaxy. I am not using GPS during calibration.

I use a SamsungGalaxy GT-P7500 running Android version 4.0.4.

All help isappciciated !

Best regards,

Bo WKarlskogaSweden

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I solved this myself.

If the "Optimize map" box is checked during map creation (the default choice) the picture is NOT processed.

If the box is unchecked everything works as intended.

The result was perfect !

Best regards,

Bo W.