Image map calibration problem

Sandijs Sandijs shared this problem 1 year ago


Is there some problems with image map calibration?

I have done that many times, so i now the drill, but this week i tried and got problem - every time when i select image file, it starts to upload, but than program restarts!! Phone i used - Samsung s7 edge.

Tried it on my other phone - Sony Z3 plus, got the same result...

Tried different image formats - gif, png, jpg, all the same..

Reduced image size to 400KB, got the same result.

Both phones have Android 7 installed. Maybe that function doesn't work on new Android???

Please help!!

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Good day Sandijs,

this is interesting. I have no reports with latest Locus Map version & this function. Tested on Android 7+ and also no problem.

Is it possible for you, to create a log by this method right after program restarts? Thank you!


Reinstalled the programm, but it also didn't help :(

Sent a log file from programm!


Good day,

thank you for a log! Seems there had to be some change in Dropbox & new system for sharing content in Android 7.

I've found method how to make it working again, so expect it will be fixed in next Locus Map version.


Thanks, Dropbox it is!!

Tried to upload from OneDrive and it works very good! Thanks!!