Impossible to resume interrupted download of elevation data for an offline map

Jan Killian shared this problem 2 years ago
Not a Problem

Interrupted offline map download can be resumed

However, interrupted download of elevation data for an offline map can't be resumed. Instead, the complete map has to be removed and download again. This is not working with bad Internet connection often found in hostels when travelling with Locus offline maps. Also, the elevation data can't be downloaded later, if not selected when offered directly after map download.

Proposed solution: Offer to download/remove elevation data directly on the detail page of downloaded offline map. Support resuming partial downloads the same way it is supported for downloading the offline maps.

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Hello Jan,

here is an manual page with options, how to enable shading for maps: . Anyway because main for shading are downloaded HGT files, whole post is mainly about this. As you may read, there exists a few more methods, how to get elevation data into Locus.

Current system is not an issue. We are well aware that downloading of HGT files cannot be resumed and we are also aware that some change/update should be welcome. For now, it is anyway not planned.

Thanks for understanding.