In 3.27 Imported KMZ does not maintain track line styles?

Ricky Pitts shared this problem 10 months ago


Prior to 3.27 I could import a KMZ (points and tracks) created in ArcMap with designated line styles and colors set in Arcmap. When imported in 3.27 the tracks always have an outline around them now. The folder setting do not show that. Now you have to open folder go to Change Style and turn on Use style of the folder to remove outline. Attached is a KMZ for testing. Not sure I made be missing something. Wouldn't be the first time. Thanks for your all your great work!



Files: 02.kmz

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Good day Ricky,

thank you for your report. This issue is probably in Locus for a very long time, so I'm glad you found it and reported.

Cannot say, it's exactly an issue. Problem is that internal Locus representation of KML styles is not exactly 1:1 and parameter "outline" in "Polystyle" style, caused a troubles. In next version your file will look as expected anyway if any similar problem with styling appear (it's probable), feel free to write me.