Locus Actions - how to display downloaded map?

Jakub Konečný shared this question 19 months ago

Hi guys,

inspired by this XML file (where everything works, even displaying downloaded map) I was trying to make XML for our local hiking event. I made small map of desired area and few GPX files, when I click the link, everything downloads to Locus but downloaded map isn't displayed.

Do you know what I'm doing wrong?

This is my xml section with map

  1. <download>
  2. <name>Krumlovska 36 (Mapa)</name>
  3. <source></source>;
  4. <dest>/mapsVector/Activities/</dest>
  5. <after>displayData</after>
  6. </download>

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Good day Jakub,

I was searching for an issue for a while :). Problem is in the end very simple ... try to rename your map to Locus Map currently accept "" vector map files. I'm improve it to next version, but for now, try just rename. It should work.


Thanks Menion, now it works great ;)