Locus crash when guidance to a live tracking user

Yaroslav Nalyvaiko shared this problem 3 months ago
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Good evening

The problem has existed for a long time, the problem is not solved, hence the question: how often Locus Map users the function "Guide on" to another live tracking user?

The fact is that our group, this extremely necessary function, does not work properly.

We use it exclusively with voice notifications, but with "repeated notifications" (TTS) with direction and distance to live tracking user, it does not work, Locus crashes. We have to re-run the application and turn it on "Guide on" again. In a short time Locus crashes again.

Locus does not crashes when guidance to a other points with "repeated notifications".

If you turn it off "repeated notifications" Locus does not crashes. Closing an application only occurs when "repeated notifications" when guidance to a live tracking user.

Please, correct the described issue

Regards. Yaroslav

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Good day Yaroslav,

I'm just testing it and the same problem happen to me. Usually, this is the best possible scenario, because repeated simulation of the problem almost always guarantees a quick fix. Unfortunately, in this case, an app just crash/disappear, without any visible error message.

Anyway I made some smaller changes and now it seems to be running without a problem for a lot longer time. I'll keep testing.


Good day Menion

Thank you very much

Regards, Yaroslav