Locus KMZ export to Google Maps compatibility issue

Robin K shared this problem 2 months ago

I download/import a KMZ file into Locus and everything looks great. I then sort the tracks by distance and export a subset of those tracks to a KMZ file but that file will not import into Google Maps. I spent hours trying to work around this with no luck. The resulting file needs to support the individual styles like the original imported KMZ.

Thank you

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Hi Robin,

I would need two things:

1) step by step description of the issue - how you got to it, including which tracks in particular you chose for the subset export

2) the KMZ file you import to Locus and from where you choose tracks for re-export


  1. Download following KMZ map (also attached):
  2. Import into Locus
  3. Open the tracks window, hide all tracks, and then show at least 2 of the imported tracks
  4. Select the track export option
  5. Export as KMZ to Google drive or local and transfer to computer (note it exports multiple tracks individually instead of creating a single KMZ like was imported - that sucks)
  6. Open
  7. Click hamburger menu -> click "Your Places" -> click Maps -> click "Create map"
  8. Click Import
  9. Select the exported kmz file
  10. Google tries to import and then shows "The file contains invalid or unsupported data, or the file is too large to parse. (this is only 1 small track so it's not too large to parse. I'm imported much larger kmz files)

Another thing to note is that in step 1 I'm importing in Locaus a single KMZ file that contains hundreds of tracks with different styles which works great however when I export multiple tracks I get separate KMZ files. It should automatically combine into a single KMZ but an option to do that would be fine too.

Thank you!


Hi Robin,

thanks for such a nice description, I could test it immediately. Alas, I can't simulate the Google Map issue - tracks exported from Locus were imported without problems:


The same when I imported the routes in one KMZ, created by Locus feature "Share map content" (


I honestly don't know what I'm doing differently, I followed all your instructions step by step.

As for the single KMZ export - I know, you're expecting some checkbox in export menu "Export in a single file" but for the time being it is done another way:

1) select and activate on map (with the "eye" button) only those points and tracks you want to export

2) go to menu > Share > Share map content

3) all activated items are exported and packed into one single KMZ. Bingo!


Thank you for the follow-up. I'll try again and see what happens. The other tip to get the single kmz file of very helpful!


I was also running under the same problem. You can visit dell customer service to solve the problem. I found the various kinds of solution over there.


I found that ironically the problem only happens for me when the kmz file is on Google Drive, if I download the file and import it from a local path everything works fine.