Locus Map crash using offline OS Maps

lneam shared this problem 4 months ago
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it has been over 1 year I am using Locus app. At first period it was as a free user. At the other half, I have PRO version.

- I test Locus into my 2 smartphones. It was in airplane mode with no sim card inside. Only with navigation apps inside.

1. Samsung GT-I9300

android 4.3 (no root)

application folder and app, into SD card - Lexar 64GB (speed x300)

2. OnePlus A5010

android 7.1.1 , next 8.0.0 , next 8.1.0 (no root)

- I am using offline vector maps like

1. openandromaps



no matter what theme I choose, soon or late, when I zoom or moving the map with my fingers, the app crash.

- of course I had test a lot of different versions of app

- of course I have tested it, after hard reset of my smartphone. After clean install, after clear data, after reboot.

ALWAYS, soon or late, the app will crash

There are no "special settings" into the app. I am very "basic user"

Has anyone any suggestion / solution about this ?

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Good day Ineam,

sorry for a late response, we had some troubles with new app version.

App crash for you on both devices? Usually best in case of the crash is to create a log by this method: . In this case, I expect some problem with how Android works with map images, but surprising for me is that you have the same issue on both devices.

Also, may you please try it (and also create a log in case of the problem) with latest 3.32.1 version we just published on Google Play? There was a small change, that may affect this as well.

thank you,



Hi Menion,

about crashes, yes this is happening on both devices

but at this period, I don't have any outdoor activities to test again this symptom. I hope new version to be stable as a rock.


I have also the app OruxMaps

There is one option

menu - maps - zoom settings - bug with zoom

when i set this to ON, the problem is disappear

so I have the proof, there is not only my case.


Hi Menion,

yesterday I make some tests using the latest version from playstore, Locus Map 3.32.2.

Unfortunately, the problem still exists, crashes when "zoom in" to the maps

On Sat, Aug 4, 2018 at 5:05 PM Locus Map <> wrote:


Good day,

sorry for a delay in my response.

Interesting that some option in OruxMaps helps here. I firstly wanted to wrote you "sorry" and offer an older version or refund (if you have made purchased not too in history), but we may at least check what exactly this error is. If you find time, may you please try to create bug report by this method, right after app crash again?

Thank you very much and sorry for a complication!


Hi Menion,

1. about OruxMaps

forget what I said, for some days it was working .... but after some good stress tests, the crashes has return. For the last 3 versions of the app, problems are bad friends to me. I have post this issue also to orux forum, but with no answer to my 2 posts. 3rd post ... NO thanks !!!!

2. about my 2 devices

latest period I have only one device, the 1+ 5T. Samsung S3 is given away ....

3. about refund

thanks .... but the money are to little, to make my worry about them. I wish to found a solution, soon or late.

4. about future crashes

the app shows one small window with 2 options. The second is to send the error. I will send this after next problem appears.

5. for now ...

I start using OsmAnd+. I hope with this app for my navigation needs, to forget the crashes.

6. about your delay

I understand very well your workload.

As you can see, we have 2 apps (orux + lucus) with common the map files. I believe it's very strange to have both the app a bug. Maybe something is wrong with the common map files.

Osmand has also OpenStreet maps but with it's own compress structure. So far I don't have any crash. For me, this must investigate.


On Thu, Oct 11, 2018 at 3:32 PM Locus Map <> wrote:



I perfectly understand José (developer of Orux map) that he tries to ignore these problems :). Apps installed from Google Play, silently reports some information about crashes back on Google Play into some developers console. With the new version I see around 200 crashes, but with maybe 90% of them, I have absolutely no idea what to do. These are some serious native crashes in device itself usually caused by huge amount of bitmaps (images) app handle with. And I believe, that exact same issue has Orux.

I do not think, it will be a problem of the map itself. Anyway, you may this simply exclude: just from Locus Store download any LoMap for your area (3 are for free) and try it.


Hmm one more option to test:

  • enable experimental menu > long click on the top left main menu
  • open settings and scroll to bottom > click on "Experimental"
  • scroll down and disable "Map hardware acceleration" and give the app a try

Expect, that this will slow down the speed of map. Should be not a big problem if you are not using any overlays (map overlay, wms).


And last: if you send the report over dialog that appers when app crash, it is usually not too useful. A lot better is to manually create a bug report by this method and then attach it here. Thanks!


thanks for the tip

On Thu, Oct 11, 2018 at 8:48 PM Locus Map <> wrote: