Locus Pro without Google

Jo Krug shared this question 1 week ago
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is there any possibility to get Locus Map Pro running without Google Services? I purchased this great app via Playstore but now I want to get rid of Google. But as I can't live without some functions I'm using microg (use some Google functions without actually sending too much to them). I tried to install Locus via Yelp (Playstore Clone) and my own Google Account, but can't Locus get starting. In the initializing screen I get the 1811 error (can't find what it means). I see that the missing Google services is the problem.

So is there any other way to get it working? I mean besides Amazon? As I don't want to use their services either.

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Hello Jo Krug.

Thank you for your question.

Google services are necessary for Locus licence verification.

Locus Pro is available via Amazon and Google Play store only.

Would you like to refund money of your purchased license?

If so, please, contact me.

Kind regards