Locus Actions as background service

berkley shared this idea 5 years ago
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Importing big files with Locus Actions can take a while. Locus is not usable during this time.

Can you run the activity as a background service?

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Maybe as additional improvement:

- calculate size of file to be downloaded

- show the process of downloading percentage


Maybe some more additional improvement:

Advanced settings for Locus Actions.

When I accidentally click on locus action link on a homepage, I`ve got not possibility to cancel the download. Using a taskmanager or pulling the battery is my only option.

This gets a problem, when i`m not on a wifi connection and the file from locus action link is some bigger vector map file!

So please think about, how to handle this behaviour. Maybe you improve the "downloading locus action link" screen with some "hey, you`re on mobile internet connection, are you sure you want to download these 300 MBs?"


good point!


Maybe we should collect/join some Locus Actions problems/ideas.