LocusPro lost connection to GPS

armo shared this problem 6 years ago

Since some days GPS does not work any more on my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Gio). No satellites, no signals, though GPS is activated. There is given a short message on the screen saying "Keine verbundenen Geräte." What is wrong?

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A Google translation of "Keine verbundenen Geräte" to English is "No connected devices".

You may have accidentally activated the feature where Locus uses a position signal from an external device via Bluetooth.

Go to-

Menu> Settings> GPS and location> Bluetooth GPS

Make sure that box is NOT checked.

If that was the problem, it might be a good idea if Locus would annunciate such a connection, perhaps by replacing the little sattellite dish icon with the letter "B".


I forgot to mention, after you back out of settings, you may have to exit and restart Locus.


Thanks Starman ..

Yes this will be probably the problem, anyway when you tap on "GPS off" button, you should get dialog to enable bluetooth, don`t you?

And I also changed bottom button

when you`re using internal gps, you should see text on button "GPS On/Off ". When you use bluetooth GPS, you`ll now see "BT GPS On/Off"


Hmm, I don`t see that dialog. Must the Bluetooth device be paired and connected to see it? I have no device to test.

For annunciation, I was going to suggest-

1. Phone Bluetooth enabled- no Locus annunciation

2. Locus BT setting enabled- area of satellite icon is amber.

3. #1 & #2 plus BT device paired and connected- BT symbol per

image below.

Active field for Locus BT setting is large, full screen width-

A smaller active field might reduce inadvertant activation-


Thanks again, perfect instructions.


So problem solved? Perfect!

Edit: starman, thanks, funny pictures :). I`ll thing about it (about icon. Reduce rectangle for tap in settings is not simply possible)