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Anne Brigo shared this problem 3 months ago
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I have a new phone and now the problem with recording tracks.

1. the app does not activate the gps connection - although it is so set

2. sometimes the devise lost the gps connection for a short time, Locus does not connect reliable again. Sometimes yes, most not. In this case i checked the gps-Test app and it shows a 3D fix.

I use the original setting after installation. No changes until now.

Devise: Xiaoum Redmi 4X

Android: 7.1.2

Locus current version

What could be the reason for this reaction.

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Hi Anne

please read


if you didn´t find a solution on this page, please ask again


another reason for this behavior > setting




the problem is not when the Display goes in stand by. The GPS Connection normal is lost from time to time but it comes back. Not my Tracking. The Phone lost and find the GPS Connection but the Locus App doesn't.

Regards Anne


Hi Anne,

Xiaomim's modified Android MIUI has the strictest management of battery optimization that most probably affects behaviour of your Locus. Please make sure you realize all these steps:

Go to your phone settings Security > Battery > Battery saving > OFF; Security > Battery > Applications > select Locus Map > turn OFF all limitations; Security > Automatic start management > select Locus Map; Settings > More settings > For developers > turn OFF RAM optimization; lock Locus Map in RAM when you want to use it in background: start Locus Map > minimize it > open RAM manager > drag Locus icon downwards and tap the lock icon.