Make Audio Coach menu item names consistent with Preset menu item names

Andrew Heard shared this idea 1 year ago

Preset menu item names:


Identical functions for Audio Coach menu:


To be consistent and more concise use same Preset names in Audio Coach menu.

Again, when "editing" a preset and "setting up events" there is inconsistency in the window heading. For the Preset, just the name is displayed, eg "touring":


but for an Audio Coach "training", there is more, I'd argue redundant, text:


Again, I like the Preset style over the Audio Coach style. And this name "training" to me sounds quite odd as native English speaker. The word is not needed. I think somewhere there is even mentioned "trainings" (plural) which is even more odd.

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Good day Andrew,

thank you for precise description. Agree that these pages should look "same". Improved!