Make it quicker/easier to reach the configuration screen, e.g. add on first level in "map content"

Georg D shared this idea 2 years ago

For vector maps, since around 2015/2016 we can not only change the theme but also influence the details of the theme, e.g. the sub theme "city" or "hiking" in Elevate, whether contour lines or barriers shall be displayed or not. Great! I use that quite often (much more often then I change the theme) and in current Locus version 3.20.1 it's relatively time consuming to get to that settings :-(


  1. On lower left, tear the blue "handle" to open the dialogue "map content"
  2. Click map themes
  3. Click the theme. Even for the already active theme, this will show "Loading" for several seconds and you can see that all tiles are be re-rendered - I never understood why...
  4. Now you can do settings for the theme. Of course, afterwards, all tiles are re-rendered again...

Idea: Please add theme detail settings on first level in "map content" dialogue. Less clicks & around half time required and more logical place than in right panel.

Other ideas welcome :)

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Hello Georg,

please try settings > maps > panels & buttons > left actions panel > "Map themes" . This should help ;)