Missing 3 purchased maps

Arkadiusz shared this problem 3 weeks ago
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I've bought 3 SHOCart maps. However I'm not able to use these. What is more I can't redownload these maps.

Maps are:

Strazovske Vrchy

Sulovske Vrchy

Mala Fatra

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I hope that I can understand your problem. It seems that Strazovske Vrchy are not shown in the list of offline map, am I right?. I can see in our system that:

Strazovske Vrchy and Sulovske Vrchy was downloaded yesterday. But Mala Fatra wasn't downloaded at all and you can still download it. The question is what did happen with Strazovske Vrchy because our system shows it as properly downloaded. Did Locus display any error message? Did you delete the map file? Please use arbitrary file manager and send me screenshot from folder "Locus/maps/shocart"

SHOCart map can be downloaded only once - please see the description of any SHOCart map in Locus Store. Every downloading is charged because map is downloaded directly from SHOCart ( F&B) map server.

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The biggest problem is that the map is visible on "history", but I can't download it because app want me to buy it again (visible on screenshots)


I had to buy it again in order to download.



have you read my previous email, please? In case that there was any problem with downloaded map we can refund the LoCoins but I need to find out what happen because our system shows that Strazovske vrchy was downloaded properly. So did locus show any error message during downloading? Have you tried to download Mala Fatra, please?

As I wrote in my previous email: every downloading of SHOCart map is charged as highlighted in the description of SHOCart map in Locus Store.

BR Petr