Navigation Issues with OnePlusOne

Helmut Beranek shared this problem 3 years ago

Back to the Park space: Use navigate back to my parking space immeaditely the satelite symbol turns from green to red and lost all satelites. After disable and enable again the GPS support all satelites apprears again and thats it:

No reaction in forms of Voice, loading maps, direction arrows dont changing animore and after a while the application freeze complete.

This Issue recure also after a new installation of Locus.

Same behavior appened if I just want to use the navigation without the back to park space.

Last time the navigation freeze for minutes and work for seconds (voice and direction arrows without map.

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Hello Helmut,

sorry to hear about such problems and thanks for contacting us.

So generally, every attempt to use navigation feature in Locus ends with this problem, right? Other features in application you use, works without a problems?

Hmm because I do not have such experience on my device, may I ask you for a creating a log by this method?

In log, created right after problem happen, should be any useful information that may explain why this happen. Thank you for your help and sorry for a troubles.


Dear Menion

Tyvm 4 the fast answer.

You found the report attached.

I hope it is useful for the investigation.




Hello Helmut,

thank you for your log. I've precisely checked it's content, unfortunately I'm unable to find any useful information inside.

So I started to search some more info about your device.

For example, check this post, issue 7: . Generally simple search for topic around OnePlusOne & GPS find quite a lot of posts from people with similar problem:

You anyway wrote, that application completely freeze. This means that it stopped responding and after a while appear Android dialog "Application Locus is not responding, terminate?" , is it correct? No such problem is anyway in your log your send me.