open sqlitedb-file = unknown error

Fabian Kuonen shared this problem 4 years ago
Not a Problem

I have now a android phone and have a offline map of the whole switzerland (from Iphone, wich my brother importet for me, because i wasn`t able...)

anyway I bought Locus Pro and transferred my file to the sd card (into the right folder) and when I wanted to open it i get the message : unknown error

my file is .sqlitebr and about 7GB on my harddisk. strangly it is only about 3GB on the SD-card.

I installed the sqlite manager and fallowed the instroctions of

but it didn`t help.

hopefully you can help me...

thank you

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Hi Fabian,

Would you please specify how you get the map file? Which app?

Anyway max filesize for sqlitedb file is 4GB (on Android 4.x). It also depends on file system of your SD card (this is maybe the reason why you see the size of map only 3GB).

Please try to split your map (or create new) into several files smaller than 4GB.


in fact the problem seems to be, that my map-file is too big. I`m now trying to seperate it in the zoomlevels.

I try to understand your link gynta but I cant really see what to do and how to do it.

I don`t know if it is too complicated for a newby like me... can I split the map with the sqlite-manager of firefox?


hm right - this needs a little bit more practice, sorry.

Mobile Atlas Creator -> a nice tool to create offline maps



Chapter "Mobile Atlas Creator"

(don`t know the firefox sqlite-manager)


I installed the MOBAC but i even cant open the map... I mean I dont know how to open that sqlite-file...

by the way the app that I used on the Iphone was called galileo map.


Little bit late, but to close this topic.

Fabian sorry, but problem here is not in Locus, but in an ability to copy such huge map into your device. Try to create smaller map next time or search how to separate huge SQLite map into smaller pieces.