Position averaging when taking a waypoint

twil69 shared this idea 19 months ago

Locus is targeted to Smartphones and tablets - devices with a typically poor varying positioning accurracy.

I dont know how waypoint creation is exactly implemented, but I guess only the current GPS position is used. And as stated above this may be pretty inaccurate. Even dedicated GPS receivers offer position avaraging during waypoint creation to increase accuracy.

So when I need exact coordinates (think creating a new geocache) I am using an external app or my old Garmin for waypoint averaging. Would be great if Locus could support this natively.

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Good day,

creating a new point is really just picking a current GPS coordinates. Anyway Locus quite well cooperate with application GPS Averaging , so I really suggest to use this. It is possible to directly obtain averaged coordinates when creating new point, so I believe, direct integration into Locus Map does not bring anything new, useful.

So if there are no additional information that may convince me, I'm declining this idea. Thanks for understanding.


Well, it's not about that it cannot be achieved, it is about convenience. Don't know it this "convinces" you.

I agree that it does not make sense to reinvent the wheel. If there are apps out there that can do exactly that: why not leverage their functionality. But then it should be easy to invoke them.

Just as it is done with "gps averaging", that is offered as co-app in the location provider selection.

Unfortunately this app does not work very well for me and I moved to geocache placer.

(I ended up climbing a tall tree again because the bonus coords placed in the logbook were 30+m off although gps averaging claimed 3m accuracy and I needed to update them.)

And -unfortunately again- geocache placer is not offered in the native waypoint dialog of Locus.

So I need to play the "minimize Locus, open other app, do avaraging, share result with Locus, save temporary point" game.

2 ideas/suggestions

  1. Add an accuracy indicator to the waypoint dialog in case GPS is used as source
  2. Add geocache placer to the list of location providers (or allow any app/make the selection configurable)

Especially 1. will be helpful to decide whether it is necessary to invoke averaging.



If needed high accurracy gps position by smartphone, go for an external BT gps receiver.

My old Nokia (10yr old) external bt gps unit have never failed me, and integrates just fine with Locus and other "gps" apps..

Your smartphone GPS is designed to prioritize getting a location fix quickly, with accuracy of secondary importance. However, the accuracy of smartphone GPS is continually improving, and is by no means “inaccurate”. Most smartphones and tablets made in the last years currently have a 3 - 5 meter accuracy level. On the other hand, an external GPS device is designed for precision. Once it locks onto enough satellites, it can maintain a very high level of accuracy often required in the field.

Happy caching!


Hello guys,

twil69, thanks for additional information.

To be true, I'm not big fan of this idea. Main reason is simple fact, that whole Android system is based on cooperation of many applications and even that Locus Map tries to have many features, is still should use already existing applications for certain tasks instead of spending time on own solutions. And this is nice example ...

I do not know what is the problem with GPS Averaging, but I suggest to post an issue to it's developer here https://github.com/davidvavra/GPS-Averaging . Seems there is no update for two years now, but it still may not mean that project is dead.

When this project stop to work and there won't be any alternative, we may start to think about this more seriously, because I agree that this "averaging" feature is useful!

Thanks for understanding.