Problem with Locus Map on Huawei, Android 8+ devices

Menion shared this problem 5 months ago
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Since the update of Huawei devices to Android 8.0+ (some new flagships already comes with pre-installed A8+), Locus Map Free/Pro is terminated few minutes after the screen is turned off.

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Current situation: 17. 6. 2018

Based on few days testing, we have following results:

  • current public Locus Map version is completely killed few minutes after screen turn off
  • we were able to find method, that app is not killed (hey!), but still the whole device is put into some deep sleep mode
  • no known method is able to keep device awake
  • we also tested most of the top trackers from Google Play and all (even Google Maps etc.) has exactly same problem

The current result is, that this is definitely an issue of Huawei software optimization and no known method is able to "hack it" for now.

Anyway, we are still trying and searching ...


Current situation: 22. 6. 2018

Huawei support: three emails = still no response.

Yesterday new Locus Map version 3.31.3 . Based on discussion and own experience, seems app is able to run more stable . Suggest to give it a try. Most probably still not perfect.

Do not forget to check these optimizations on Huawei A8+ devices:

  • phone settings > apps > Settings button > Special access > Ignore optimizations > Locus Map Free/Pro > Allow
  • phone settings > battery > 'disable' Power saving mode, 'disable' Ultra power saving
  • phone settings > battery > App launch > 'disable' automatic and keep all three 'manual' settings enabled

In Locus Map, I have better results with disabled Settings > GPS > Google Services assisted location.


Current situation: 4. 7. 2018

Huawei support: still no response.

Based on the discussion in this topic:

  • with custom ROM, all is working as expected, so it is definitely not a hardware problem
  • there is no single map/tracking application working without problems, so it is definitely a system software problem
  • there are rumors that it is known the problem and that big brothers work on a fix ... let's hope!

I'm really sorry that these troubles happen. The same issue was without Android 7 on Huawei devices a year ago and it was also solved by software update of Android device. Seems, Huawei really needs a lot more improved battery optimizations :(.


Current situation: 24. 7. 2018

Seems that finally some good news. By few users, we already have confirmed that the new Android update solved this problem.

From what I know, it should be:

  • Huawei Mate 10 Pro, update
  • Huawei P10 Lite, update ANE-LX1

Hope, more devices will follow soon. Happy recording for owners of above devices that hopefully received update!

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