quick share only Geocache name

Wolfgang shared this question 11 months ago


I often need to make additional notes to a Geocache in the field. Because of some reasons I do this in OneNote. To start the task I create a new Note with just the Geocache name.

Is there a quick way to just share the Geocache name? When I use the share function of locus I always get a text "My current location is......" But I just need the name of Geocache. If every note starts with that text it does not make fun ;)

There are often hidden features like a long press somewhere in locus. Maybe I could get the Geocache name into the clipboard with a long press on something?

Thanks Wolfgang

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hi Wolfgang,

open the cache detail screen, tap the geocache GC code and select "copy geocache basic info to clipboard". Only the cache name and coords copy.


Hi Michal,

that's great. Almost that what I was looking for. Only the cache name would be better, but I think I can live with that :D

Many Thanks Wolfgang