Remove limit of 5 buttons in top panel

Andrew Heard shared this idea 19 months ago
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On my phone there is a Locus limit of 5 buttons in top panel. With config.sys dev_gui_main_rescale_value = 1.2 this is a quite effective use of the available space:


But with default dev_gui_main_rescale_value = 1.0 I could fit a few more buttons, maybe 7:cc73fdc85173f0810db074a805e9234b

On my tablet there does not appear to be this unnecessary restriction. And indeed I can place too many buttons in the top panel and some buttons on the right side will not fit, and are not visible.

I could even set dev_gui_main_rescale_value to a value less than 1 for even smaller buttons, and make more space for buttons, although not very useful with poor eyesight, and a cycling glove ;-)

Please remove any limit on the number of buttons in the top panel.