Stop map rotation during manual map scrolling

Jan Breuer shared this idea 6 years ago

Is it possible to stop map rotation during manual movement?

Tipical situation:

I have Map rotation switched on.

I have also map centering switched on.

I want to explore some part of the map during movement. "Centering map" switched off automaticcaly, but map rotation did not stop.

I don`t want to switch off map rotation completely. I just want to stop rotating until I switch map centering again.

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My solution for this is to tap the 2nd button on the bottom.

And if u done - tap the button again.

Or is this a misunderstanding?


This is partial solution.

For exampe:

I know, that something interresting is on my right so I move the map to the right. I don`t want to rotate the map to the north, I want the map to stay rotated.

Imagin I`m a passanger in a car and the driver turns left. Map also rotates! and that is bad for me. I`m viewing different part of the map than the car (gps) position.

Folowing rotation of the car is not what I want. I also don`t want to rotate map back to north, because I must start thinking where is the right side of the car on the map.


"I know, that something interresting is on my right so I move the map to the right"

Don`t you mean you move the map to the LEFT?

And wouldn`t it be easier to zoom out rather than Pan the map?


"Don`t you mean you move the map to the LEFT?"

OK, I want to see something on the RIGHT, so I tap the map and move my finger LEFT :)

"And wouldn`t it be easier to zoom out rather than Pan the map?"

May be, but it is always not visible at that zoom, so I must zoom in again in different place.

If the map center doesn`t follow GPS position or the GPS position is not visible on the screen at all, it doesn`t make sense for me to follow azimuth.


OK, i`m starting to get a clearer picture of what you want.

My mind demands simplicity, so I get naturally skeptical when features are requested that are considered highly technoerotic.

You want the map to stop rotating, but you don`t want to go to "Plan" view`.

I see two possible solutions-

1. Reassign function of "Rotate" button in lower panel. Eliminate educational message on long press. Make a long press of Rotate button freeze azimuth. A second press will unfreeze rotation.

2. A cleaner solution- in settings (Quick Switch), add a choice that when map is panned (pulling GPS position away from map center), azimuth is frozen.


2. unfreeze map, you would have to re-center map wih centering button on left side of lower panel.


First solution is complicated.

Second solution is perfect and solves everything.