Strict Route Following Failure.

0709 shared this problem 3 weeks ago

Menu Navigation Advanced Select Strict Route Following.

To my surpirse I had a navigation failure using strict route set.

It took me some time to find out by tests to repeat that small problem.

Issue at an out and return path. A track T deviation towards a Via_Point and than backwards.

There are no trackpoints between the Return_Via Point and both equal positioned Right turns !

Arriving at the first Right turn sometimes navigates direct toward the nearest next trackpoint so skips the next trackpoint at the end of the T deviation.

Non strict = jump to nearest next trkpt. Strict = jump to next trkpt ?

Find test course tcx and track gpx in the attachement.

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Good day Willy,

thanks for a bug report. Please check also "Maximum allowed deviation" in advanced navigation settings.

Ah indeed. In case, there was so long distance to next point (trackpoint, via-point), algorithm was not working correctly. Thanks, I'll fix it!


How I discovered that critical T problem at Navigation ?

My previous used testfile confirmed by real circuit driving tests, was succesfuly navigated by both Locus and Track Navigator. The testfile had trackpoints between both R/R turns and ViaPoint “Return”. But a new downloaded hikebike web (half associated) gpx track file had no such medium trackpoints between the R/R turns and Via Point “Return”. Both Locus and Track Navigator at navigation fails at such a T track deviation without any medium trackpoint(s).

Is this an important test (problem) ? hmmm...well such a situation probably would practically not occur in most real planning situations. I do realise this is a very strange (too?) extreme if not solvable the actual 99,9% reliability is for sure very acceptable ;-)