Technical problem after reinstalation - "sdcard problem"

Gregory Gora shared this problem 10 months ago
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Hello Locus Team,

I need your support concerning the problem with my Loc-application. After a reinstallation the system shows such alert as it is seen on the picture to be attached. Additionally, the communication with the ANT devices start to be problematic e.g. when I want to record the track, system is looking for all possible ANT devices and as an effect the mobile is crashed - I can do nothing with the phone (SONY XPERIA ZC compact). Another reinstallation doesn't change the situation.

I will be glad to receive any technical advice related to my Locus-problem.



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Good day Gregory,

I'm sorry to hear about problems with Locus Map app.

What I see on the screenshot is some issue with certain map Skórka. This happen usually in cases, when use copy map from one device to another and during this copy operation happen any problem. So I suggest to check, if this is your case, if copied map file has same size as original file.

About ANT+ support ... you wrote that "mobile crash". By this you mean whole mobile device or just Locus Map application or ANT+ application? If only an application, is it possible to create a log right after this crash by this method? Thank you!