Testpoints on the map????

balloni55 shared this question 10 months ago

since today strange "Testpoints" are displayed on mapscreen, with PRO the icons are brown with Beta icons are blue

i´ve never before seen this behavior


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Good day balloni.

it looks to me, like you are using some older version of Locus API - sample application. Check it and un-install if you do not need it anymore. It should help. (it is caused by combination of this Sample application + enabled periodic updates).


Hello menion

yes you are right ;-) after deinstallation all works as expected!

yesterday i red in another thread on this board about this API-app, i was curious to its function and installed it via Playstore. So i assume it´s the newest version?!

BTW: i didn´t know if i rearly need it......



ah so I still have version on Google Play with this behavior, good to know.

Well, it just show what is possible to do from own 3rd party application with existing Locus Map installation. So if you do not plan to write own Android application, there is probably nothing useful for you now.