Tile refresh & Map shading

Evgeny Kurshev shared this problem 12 months ago

When Locus refresh tile (because "Valid for" expiration), after drawing new tile, it is not shaded. Example.

And after zoom-in + zoom-out (or moving map to another location and moving back) it's ok (Locus already has new tiles in cache and can draw it in one step - not like first time: "draw old with shading - download new - draw new without shading").

This problem appears with all maps: online / offline / raster / vector.

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Good day Evgeny,

may you give me some tips, how to simulate this problem? In case of online maps, you set valid time to one hour and? Because validity of tiles is tested only when tiles are reloaded from database = this means, time validity is tested only after you zoom in/out or move out of map ... and then return back. In these cases, you wrote that it's ok.

Also what you mean that this problem appear also for non-online maps?



Very sorry for delay.

Steps to reproduce: https://photos.app.goo.gl/r...

Video 1

1) Select any raster map

2) Clear cache

3) Load any parts of map (in my case - zoom out some times and then zoom back)

4) Set "Valid for" 1 hour

(you can skip from 0:15 to 2:30)

Video 2, after 1 hour+

1) just zoom out :)

About offline / vector maps: I have no idea, why I wrote this earlier :( Of cource, all this valid only for raster online map.

But online map, of course, can be:

- simple online map

- overlay using "background" parameter in providers.xml

- overlay using "Maps overlays" function



There is simple way!

Just set "Valid for" to 0 hours and play several times with zoom in / zoom out :)



Good day Evgeny,

thanks for a precise bug report. I believe I'm able to simulate very similar problem on own devices. Real reason of this is unknown to me, but I made small improvement that may force Locus to draw a shading on new tiles, so we will see in next version.


Ok in


(one more tiles issue ;)