Time of recorded track & timezone troubles

Michael Bechtold shared this problem 1 week ago
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Hi Menion,

somewhat related to this topic (I googled re. my current problem first, before disturbing you) I have an observation: I have a track recorded in Casablanca, which currently is 2 hrs behind CEST. The name of the track has 18:13:04 in it, which is correct (Casa time). Back in Germany, the display of the points tells 20:13:04+ time, i.e. the content of the GPX is translated to my current time zone.

For ease of use, matching photo locations to the track, I ca set the phone to Casa time, but it would be nicer, if Locus would allow a choice of display time in current or local time zone - well, BEST would be to have both ! And just checked: there is pplenty of free space in the 3rd line, where the time stamp is displayed. This line ca host bnoth times easily :-)

TXs and cheers


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Good day Michael,

it looks for me like quite a serious problem, so I've rather separated it from the mentioned topic.

As I think about it, isn't here only useful information time in the timezone where a track was recorded? So no matter where in the world you are, there should always be 18:13:04. Isn't this expected behavior?

If so, may you send me some short track I may use for test? I'm also little worried, that same problem may appear on more places, like for example filter by time (from > to) in track folder etc.

Jiří M. aka Menion


Hello Menion,

here's a file from the recent Morocc trip.

Indeed the local time of the area/timezone where the track has been recorded is the most relevant information.

Good luck and kind regards