Track/route will not be stored if planned with routplanner

Hans Pluhar shared this problem 2 weeks ago
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Start Locus

start routeplanner

create route_xy (set 2 points, route will be created)

tipp Routeplanner Menü

press: speichern/store

set ordner: <ordner_k>

set speichern/store

route_xy will not be stored in ordner_k. You won't find route_xy somewhere in Locus.

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I'm using Locus Map Pro V3.27.1 and I was not able to duplicate the problem. I followed your instructions and successfully created and stored the route in a folder called "Test".


Also 3.27.1.

What i found out now is: If you create a new track/route you MUST give an Description to the track. Just one letter/number/..... If you do so, the track will be stored correctly - otherwise it will not be stored.


The first time I followed your instructions, I did not provide a Description. I repeated the test and, again, did not provide a Description. In both cases, the route was properly saved in the chosen folder.

We are using the same software version so there must be something different that causes the problem to appear on your phone.

  • My phone is running Android 7.1.1.
  • Locus Map is configured to store tracks/routes on the SD card instead of internal storage.
  • I am using Locus Map in Fullscreen mode.


Problem comes and goes. Will have a look at it. .....


Good day Hans,

sorry for a complications. Similar problem was in version 3.27.0, but in 3.27.1 it should already be solved.

If I remember correctly, issue was in incorrect selection of folder where track should be stored. Solution was to switch to different folder and then back to wanted folder. It should be enough to do it once. Anyway if this problem happen randomly, it will be really needed to discover situation that we may simulate on own device. Thanks