Use external routing app to navigate to Car Parking

Ray W. shared this idea 3 years ago

I use MyCar Locator Free as park app.

I wish I could uninstall it and use the parking feature in Locus Map.

However I noted a significant thing why I don't switch to Locus Map for parking.

When I click on "Navigate" in *MyCar Locator Free* I see Complete Action using ...

and I use my navigation software (Route 66) which I can use offline.

It works great.

When I use Locus Map Pro and click on navigate in Parking, I have to go to the internet.

I won't do that in order to avoid data costs (especially when I'm in abroad) .

Can't you please let the user choose if they which to use external routing software in order to navigate (in parking)?

That would be great!!

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Good day Ray,

I have to ask. When you start parking feature in Locus, you get "black car" icon, right on a map, right? What happen when you tap in this point? Popup appear? If so, tap on this point and from bottom menu you should then choose whichever app you wants. So I believe this is already implemented.


Good day Ray,

as I see, there is no big interest for choosing of navigation application for this feature. I also think that workaround I describe before works well and should be used in your case.

Idea declined as "not needed". Thank you for understanding.