Version 2.17.0 locus folder on external sd card not found, no access to offline vector maps

Claus shared this problem 4 years ago

Hi I updated to Version 2.17.0 but the problem is that locus does not find the locus folder with all my offline vector maps on the external memory card any more. I am using a Galaxy Note 2

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ok - I guess I found the problem - I think this happened already in the past:

For some reason locus created another folder on the internal memory card and ignored therefore the locus folder on the external one. As far as I remember this happend in the past allready and than a version had a "warning meassage" that 2 locus folder were found during startup. But this warning meassage was removed in a later version.

Anyhow I deleted the locus folder on the internal memory card and than locus recognized the right folder on the external sd card again.

I think I would feel better if you would re-add the function that ALL memory locations are scanned for a locus folder and if there are more than 1 than a meassage is poping up.

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Same problem with my LG Optimus 9. Lost connection to my "external_SD>locus>mapsVector" and my "external_SD>locus> mapsOnline" cache folders.

I have always had a Locus folder on my internal SD card with empty subfolders and another Locus folder on my External_SD card and Locus functioned correctly.

What was the name of the folder that you deleted on the internal memory card?

Did a test of OnLine maps and the files are being saved to the Internal SD card 1)"sdcardo>Locus>mapsOnline" rather than to the "external_SD>Locus>mapsOnline" cache file.

2)The link to my "personal maps" located on the external_SD card is still correct.

3) I see that my DashBoard configuration has also changed leaving out a few if the items I normally use.

Unfortunately I am suffering from `option overload` and cannot seem to find out how to configure Locus to save and read the external_SD files.



OK, I apologize for the previous lengthy thread. Took a cue from Claus and completely removed the Locus folder on my Internal SD card and now Locus correctly connects to the Locus folder on the external_sd card.

For some reason I could not find this information in the on line Locus User Guide or searching this forum.

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I`m sorry for missing answer. Good you found a working solution. I have added one more control mechanism to new 2.17.1 version, so I hope, such problem do not happen again to you.


Hello, In my situation, it was my initial misunderstanding that the Locus files folders on the internal sd card should be removed completely so that the app would recognize the external_sd card files. I kept looking in the options to redirect Locus to the external_sd card.

After re-reading the post by Claus several times, it finally sunk into my hard head..<(:-}

PS: The recent minor update installed without any issues.