Waypoint icon disappears when zooming in

R5O.nl shared this problem 3 years ago

Let me try this one again: using the latest Locus Pro:

- have a lot of caches in the DB

- select a cache on the screen and make one of its WPs visible

- The WP is shown and is connected with a red line

- When zooming in the WP icon disappears and also cannot select the WP on screen any more


- Activate all WPs in the Geotools section: that will add hundreds of WPs to be shown all over the map

- But it also 'fixes' that WP, eg the final of a puzzle, that you are going to

I think this is a known issue, but is it also fixable?

For the rest: I am really happy with the app :)


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I know this problem happen some time ago, but I sad to hear that it`s back.

So when you display one cache with it`s waypoints on a map, it cause these troubles? If so, may you export for me this cache to GPX and share it with me here? I'll try to simulate this problem. Thanks


I just downloaded the new 3.4.0 and I see this in the changelog:

Fix: issue with incorrect visibility of GC waypoints on a map

So possibly that takes care of that old issue: that would be great :)

Now on to the new popup labels :)


I also hope so :)