Waypoints are not displayed on tracks downloaded from Wikiloc

Gonçalo shared this problem 4 years ago

There seems to be a problem when locus (pro) opens wikiloc tracks:

when the option Show labels (Waypoints) = always

the names of the points (waypoints) are not displayed all the time.

i tried this gpx track: http://pt.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do...

i also have this problem with all kmz files created from kml wikiloc downloaded files (using google earth).

can you tell me why this happens ?

thanks for this great app!

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Good day,

if there are any problems with import of files, please send us problematic files on support.locus@asamm.com. Thank you


I just sent you the file that was downloaded from wikiloc.

But I think I have this problem with all tracks dowloaded from that site. (kml or gpx)




thank you for your email. Seems that problem is not in the file, file is ok.

Problem is in a way how locus handle these track + X points. In this case, Locus work with track and "one track" and "some attached! points" and these points works unfortunately little bit different, that common points. So unfortunately, setting "Always" on labels caused - "do not show ever".

Enough of crazy explanation. I`ll fix this problem to next version, so labels on track points will work as expected. Thank you for your report.

If you will have in future more problems with any importable files and it`s representation in Locus, feel free to contact me directly on support email (best - together with problematic file)


Ok, thank you for your quick reply!

and thank you for the future fix on tracks..

keep up the good work :)