Why was "number of points" for tracks removed?

Georg D shared this question 1 year ago

The "Updated to 3.18.4" screen tells "removed 'number of points' item from track statistics and also from sorting in track folders".

Why was it removed?

The number of points is not really important for me, as I used it only every now and then for a quick estimation of

  1. the track quality in terms of point density, e.g. does the track just contain the navigation points like turns on crossings, or also trackpoints along whole way? I sometimes used it to see which of the tracks I want to use, e.g. for guiding or to send the track to someone or for OSM mapping. Now the only way seems to hide all but one track, show it on the map & zoom in & see its quality, the hide this track and proceed with the next track. Of cause, this requires much more

    effort then just seeing "15 points on 5km" in track statistics. As I do it seldomly, it's not important for me.

  2. the track size i.e. occupied disk space. As I do not have so many tracks - just in the hundreds - the compressed Locus backup files have still a reasonable size, so it's not relevant to me (yet?), but for users with more tracks, it could be interesting to see which tracks are "big" so should be simplified/compressed by "intelligent" removal of "unimportant" points (currently only possible via track export + simplification in external tool like GpsPrune or GPX-Editor + re-import of smaller track - http://help.locusmap.eu/topic/track-simplification wished to implement Douglas-Peucker algorithm or the like within Locus).

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Good day Georg,

exactly this is the answer - "The number of points is not really important for me"!

We were thinking about this for some time in our office, and no one of us found a really good answer to "for what this is useful".

So we decided to remove it ... :). Your two points make sense, but as you wrote in both of them ... "from time to time".