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Stefan Hoffmeister shared this idea 10 months ago
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Hi, I am facing a problem with the UI usability of the WMS layer selection.

http://wms.geo.admin.ch/ is the WMS server, and the Swiss government supplies an _enormous_ amount of layers (which is good!). Alas, I cannot find any meaningful way to efficiently find what I am looking for.

These are my specific challenges:

  • number of layers cannot be conveniently filtered, e.g. by way of entering a case-sensitive sub-string (e.g. "stein")
  • "Einteilung Burgenkarte..." - well, this is what my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+shows. See the ellipsis? Lots of text is getting cut off; this makes it impossible to distinguish entries. The font used for rendering also seem to be huge, aggravating the problem. Going landscape does not change this at all.
  • there seems to be nesting in the data, e.g. "Einteilung Burgenkarte..." has a considerable number of sub-entries. There is no means to really read them (see text cut off above), no means to collapse these, and keep them collapsed (cache user collapse choice on refresh from WMS!)
  • it would be helpful to be able to "Favourite" WMS layers (and keep this cached) - at least a least-recently-used list
  • it would be helpful to filter by "active layers" and "inactive layers"

My current use case: Find ibex colonies ("Steinbock") reasonably close to public transport ("öV") and, perhaps, pay attention to some Unesco bits and pieces. In Switzerland, as it happens to be the case ;) using OpenAndromaps as the base (offline) map.

I understand that Switzerland is one of the leading countries in publishing quality open data. Please enable Locus to consume that!

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Good day Stefan,

thank you for useful tips for improvement. I've changed your original "bug" topic to "idea", because I consider current UI as unfortunate and it needs improvements, also based on your ideas.

We are in road map rewrite of Map manager screen to something closer ( from UI design ) to current "Map items" screen. So when work start, I'll definitely read ( and consider ) your ideas here. Thank you.