"Find position" reorganisation

Tapio shared this idea 3 years ago
Gathering feedback

Finding a position is the most natural thing, but a bit clunky in Locus. Lets say someone tells me Lat,Lon is "50.12345,7.45678".

In a browser based system like Google Maps, I will enter it in the search bar, ENTER, done.

What will I do in Locus? I will hopefully go to the Search function. Then I need to "Move map" - "Coordinates". Will a newbie find it? I think a newb will have a hard time. I remember I was also searching for this...

In my opinion the search needs a reorganisation here. "Position" could be up front. IMO.

Search -> Position

Where: Position is able to be fed by anything. Lat lon, Pluscodes, What3words, all kinds of formats...

Maybe it should be possible to even call it directly via a command "Goto position".

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